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January 2005

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01/13/2005: "Recovery with a help of good friends"

Yesterday I remembered I heard from someone once that it takes as many days to adjust to the time difference as hours in time difference. So if it's 14 hours difference from Japan it takes 14 days to adjust? Yikes.

Last night my friend from college 'Tarja, from Finland' (that's how she would introduce herslef if you meet her) showed up with Krystof. She's on her annual trip with her students from arts college in Helsinki. She's such a character with very Tarja way of speech with Finnish accent and Tarja way of behavior, very loving and a bit clumsy. We went out for a drink at my favorite neighborhood dive Parkside. They are dive loving people; we used to go out to Phebe's when it was a scary dive with cheap pitchers of beer. But last night Tarja was still sick from something she caught on the trip- her voice was scratchy which made us all laugh. Krystof was not in the chatting mood, which was unlike him, because he just had a fight with his girlfriend. Krystof goes, Etsko, I guess you have to talk because we are not in the best condition. So I decided to tell then about my recent magical experience at zen meditation, and they soon began to be animated and we had a nice cultural discussion. I had a good night's sleep after a week of tossing and turning, and this morning I was finally able to go out running in the drizzle. It felt so good.

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