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January 2005

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01/11/2005: "That stinking food we love so much"

I'm still suffering from terrible jet lag- sleepless nights, sleepy afternoons. I wouldn't feel normal until I can start running again in the morning, but I feel the worst when I wake up in the morning and unable to do so. Among the little things I brought back from Japan, the one that delighted my Japanese workers most was 'Natto Furikake,' rice seasoning made with notoriously stinky fermented soybeans. Even many Japanese peole can't stand this natto, but this seasoning mix is just full of its wonderful flavor, less stringy slime. Most of the westerners ever come to appreciate natto, with few exceptions like my neighbor Betim and my friend Michelle. They like to keep it in the refrigerator and blame it on me. "It's all your fault! You introduced it to me!"

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