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December 2004

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12/24/2004: "Almost home"

Yesterday afternoon, my neighbor Nora, whose purse I found in the middle of Saturday night, brought me beautiful roses. She was going home for the holidays. I feel that I ever received more flowers from women than men. After work, I dropped by Alejandro's party around the corner with freshly baked amazing brownies with peanut butter bits. He had so many cute fun sweet guys at the party I stayed longer than I had planned. And of course they were all gay. This afternoon my friends Orly and Jed, then my running friends Asteria and Sid stopped by. I was so nice to see them before leaving town. I opened the New York Times Arts section and realized that I fed the entire Ned Rothenberg's Double Band on Tuesday evening before their gig. In the evening it became pretty quiet. I think many people already left for Christmas. We finished the last day of work of the year, and I'll be getting ready to go home.

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