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December 2004

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12/21/2004: "Brrrrrr...!!"

It's only about 10 degrees out now. It was quite brutal all day, and on this insanely cold day I had four visiters from Japan this afternoon.; my father's friends were visiting New York for a few days, and they stopped by to say hello. My father must've been bragging about me so much they already knew much about me. It was a nice surprise visit, and they even left me a big tip although I only served them teas.

Good day to stay in the kitchen. Good day to bake. Thumbprint cookies sold very well. My favorite recipe. Daisuke is back, and Akiyo is also back.

In the evening Tal bursts in and says, "Did you know who it was sitting here on Saturday?" "Some musicians playing at Tonic." "Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth! I was going to faint!" He came in to get his veggie curry on Saturday. I didn't really know who they were, but one of them came a few times in the past, which turned out to be another Sonic Youth, Jim O'Rourke. I have to take a picture next time. I fed Sonic Youth! David will be jealous.

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on Tuesday, December 21st, David said

Wow, Thurston Moore, I am jealous, I wouldn't have recognized him either propbably. Maybe he will write a song about you curry.

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