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December 2004

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12/16/2004: "time for red bean soup"

It was 20 degrees outside. I went on a run along the river as usual. Especially along the water it gets really windy and cold. I increased speed to warm up. When I got back home half hour later, the ends of my hair was covered with ice of my sweat. Then I knew it was really cold. Winter is here.

More staffing headache. Daisuke is off this week for dry and cracked hands; his doctor told him he should stay away from water. Akiko's friend Minae, a little Korean girl, took the job but when I was sending her out for a delivery, we found out she couldn't ride the bicycle. Akiko took some deliveries for her and got lost. Always eventful at SOY. Tonight was pretty quiet. I was able to almost catch up with all the cooking. It's cold out, and it's a great time for baking and stewing. I will be also doing hot red bean soup with mochi rice cake, my favorite dessert.

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