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December 2004

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12/14/2004: "on music"

Musically interesting weekend: Saturday night, my Japanese boys, Ikko, Kazu, and Ippo dragged me out to see their favorite 'Unclefucker,' the blue grass hard rock band at Delancey. They played blue grass tunes in hard core rock style. It was quite a surreal experience between the music, sexy dancers, and three Japanese guys going crazy and hopping around in front of the stage. I said to myself, only in the Lower East Side. Sunday night I saw Doveman and Flashpapr at Tonic. Beautiful sad music. It was more like my taste than the night before. Last customers of the night gave me a nice tip tonight, I think it was partially for the music. They asked me what I was playing as they were leaving. I was playing Gotan Project.

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