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December 2004

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12/11/2004: "more agitation"

I did recover the missing milk jar cap the next day, but that half of onion was never found. Akiyo called me this morning and left message that she was just about to get on a flight to Japan for a family emergency. She'll be gone for a week. My cat Coco is increasingly annoyed by, instead of getting used to, the fact that I have to squirt this banana scented liquid into her mouth twice a day. Now she won't forgive me for half an hour. She goes to hide under the couch and not come out. I'm supposed to give her the medicine for another day. It is just as hard for me, kitty. I hope she knows.

I'll be leaving for Japan in two weeks. Laura from across the street came to pick up her lunch and when I told her I'm going to Japan, she exclaimed that she's so jealous and gave me a nice tip. My presently most frequent lunch customer Steven is moving to Arizona in four weeks. New Year is coming in only three weeks and a change. I started discussing my renovation plan with Karel the contractor. I like to keep evolving growing changing for the better.

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