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December 2004

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12/08/2004: "where is the rabbit hole?"

It was a strange day. This afternoon, I was making a salad for a customer. Lettuce, tomato, green pepper, mushroom.. then I needed to cut a new red onion. I took it out from the refrigerator, cut it in half, and cut a few slices from one half. I brought to the front for the customer, rang it up, and when I got back to the kitchen, a half of the onion was gone. I swear. It disappeared. I was on all fours and looked all over the floor in my small kitchen. I looked in the garbage to make sure I didn't throw it away by accident. No. It was never found. One of my helf Daisuke also disappeared. He never showed up, which is very strange. I thought only spanish guys do that sort of thing. I hope nothing happened to him. At the end of the night, I took out a jag of milk to bring it home from the refrigerator. I brought it to the table near the door, as I was leaving, and went back behind the counter because I forgot to take the lock for the gate. When I got back to the jag of milk, the red cap was missing. I looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. I swear. I wondered if there's a rabbit hole somewhere in my restaurant that sucks things down to the wonderland.

I went home and had to torture my cat further with her medication. I'm supposed to give her this drop which smells like bananas twice a day, which she hates with passion. She shakes her head, struggles and tries to kick my hands off her, but after I somehow manage to squirt the drop into her mouth, she forgives me. Hope she knows that I really don't enjoy doing it, either.

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