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November 2004

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11/13/2004: "post-marathon"

I'm watching Arafat's burial in West Bank on TV right now. The coffin swam across over excited men, shouting, and waving. It is the world in which I would never be. Gun shots are fired in the air. Siren in the background. It just seems so unreal, the image could as well be from 50 years ago, and I'd believe it.

This week felt like 'Post-marathon blues.' Finally facing the 'to-do list' which lengthened in the past few weeks, ("oh, I'll do it after the marathon..") I'm rather feeling overwhelmed. After three days of rest, I went out jogging yesterday. My legs weren't sore anymore, but were still tired, which made me feel a bit blue. Two weeks to Thanksgiving, which means that I wake up tomorrow and realize it's already 2005. Time flies. It's a blink of an eye.

Akiyo found a silver ring with a little stone on the floor tonight. It was a perfect fit on my finger. Freakishly perfect. I felt like Cinderella.

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