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11/08/2004: "Too hot to run"

That was one of the excuse why I kind of bombed. I was running just under my target the first 10 miles. My teammates Shelley and Susan trotted away quickly. I was trying to follow another teammate Yumi, but I lost the sight of her by mile 8. After 10 miles, I couldn't pick up the pace. I wasn't exhausted or dehydrated, but my legs weren't turning. By mid-point at Pulaski Bridge I realized that I was far from running my best, so decided to relax and enjoy the race. Although I had to walk a minute before mile 25 because I was almost getting a cramp in my legs, I finished a little under 3 hours and 22 mintues. Not too bad.

It was just as exciting to see the enthusiasm of the people on the roadside. Lots of live music, lots of cheering. Sorry Margit, I didn't hear you! It's hard to spot friends unless I know exactly where they are. But I saw many of my teammates in bright orange jackets. Akiko cheered me near 125th Street. On the street walking away from the park, this woman with a little boy started talking to me. "You just ran the marathon? Congratulations!!! Jimmy, she just ran the marathon! She ran 26 miles! Aren't you gonna say congratulations?" The little boy was shy. Then she asked me how I was. I said I was fine. "Did you hear that? She said she's all right. And she's walking!" As if she would rather see me crawling on fours. Then I joined other crazy runners from my team to celebrate at our post-marathon gathering. When I went home I soaked in ice bath and shrieked. Afterwards I was feeling just fine, and felt guilty that I didn't totally burn myself out. Maybe I try harder next time.

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