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11/02/2004: "Judgement Day"

Judgement day is here. I have no control over though, since I don't have a vote. I'm only a 'resident alien,' like I'm not a human. Maybe I'd feel more important if I did, but I'm not sure what difference it would make if I had to choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich, as it was argued in South Park. (I must say it was another deeep episode..) Having Mr. what's his name in the office for four more years is neverthless scary. But the fact that a half of this country wants him in the office for four more years is equally scary. Therefore more beheading in Iraq. There was a long line going around the corner for the Haunted House across the street last night. If you like to be really frightened, you could just turn on the TV and watch the news as well..

I thought Halloween was such a fine holiday, though. It's non-religious, but commercial (which mean good for commerce? Definitely for candy business and costume business). This year I had an opportunity to walk around and observe the silliness of this wonderful occasion. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun being witches, Draculas, in a drag (usually pretty bad one too). And Elvises were sighted all over. So did Marilyn Monroes, and Uma Thurmans. There was a girl dressed as a giant penis. She had balls, indeed.

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