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October 2004

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10/30/2004: "I want to be an Iron Chef"

Akiko showed up dressed as a kitty cat yesterday. So I sent her out for a delivery. I had little bats flying around over my head. There was a long line tonight at Haunted House across the street at 107 Suffolk. I've been curious but the ticket is $20. I think Haunted House is generally a joke (typically like the one in Coney Island) so I'm not sure if I want to spend that money. But there was a line all evening; maybe it is good. I wanted to be Iron Chef for Halloween, but since I won't be working, I figured it won't be as funny as Iron Chef at SOY. Plus I won't have time to make the costume. Hopefully next year you'll see Iron Chef making your ginger tofu.

I finally made pumpkin carrot ginger soup, which I sold out very quickly. It was really delicious. So was sweet potato salad. More coming next week.

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