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October 2004

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10/19/2004: "It's a comical world we live in"

"Hill repeats" on treadmill at the gym this morning while this red head who was barely clothed in front of me was shaking her hips on the stairmaster in front of me. I said gee, does she realize how she looks from behind? She even folded down her tights exposing more of her skin around the waist, therefore she was basically naked below her sports bra down almost to her butt crack. I said, well, you can't blame guys for thinking about sex every few seconds, if there's a practically naked chick shaking her cute little ass in front of you. I came home and NY1 was reporting 'women only train car' in Japan because they are often groped in the crowded trains. The redhead would be eaten alive there if she shook her butt like that in the commuter train full of frustrated overworked men.

This older gentleman who's been coming for lunch lately was the first customer of the day, as he usually is. He sat down with New York Times, glanced at the front page, and said, "This country is so comical, isn't it?" And I wasn't really sure what exactly he was referring to, haven't looked at today's paper yet. So I just awkwardly smiled at him. "???" Later I sat down with the paper and still wasn't sure what amuzed him so much. Bush and Kerry being tied? Red Sox winning in 6-hour game last night? Or all the combination of those headlines next to what goes on in Iraq? Someone was saying on a talk show last night that recounts would be inevitable this year again. That would be rather comical.

The heat was turned on this morning in my building. It really feels like winter now. Nice and cozy.

I've been indulging myself with green tea cheesecake this week. It was my neighbor Kathy's birthday yesterday so I had some good intention for baking. I figured I don't write enough about food, even though this is a 'restaurant blog.' I'll be making my fabulous pumpkin carrot ginger soup tomorrow. It's about time.

I just flipped channel and there they are Duran Duran on Jay Leno. I must say that I felt profoundly sad to see them old and fat. I felt old.

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