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October 2004

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10/08/2004: "torn between the two"

I asked Masao to mop inside the toilet at the end of the night, and he attempted to mop inside the toilet bowl. After sticking the mop inside the bowl, he realized that it wasn't probably what I meant. I caught him confused and embarassed, frozen in the bathroom holding a mop stuck inside the bowl.

I made my first batch of 'Caspian yogurt' this evening. It's kind of slimy: very different texture from regular yogurt. It tastes much milder and less sour. I'm so used to regular yogurt, which I've been making for two years (same yogurt culture I kept alive!) and eating every morning. I can't deside if I could get used to this new yogurt, but it surely is easier to make. With regular yogurt, I have to heat milk to a boil, then cool it to 110 degrees, then mix yogurt culture and put it in the yogurt maker for 6 hours to keep it warm. I do love my yogurt, which I feel rather attached taking care of it for two years- and can't decide whether to just switch to this easier thing, or keep them both.

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