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October 2004

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10/07/2004: "Chain letter of bacteria"

Masao, my kitchen help, brought me a sample of "Caspian Yogurt," which someone described as 'chain letter of bacteria.' They say this very easy-to-make yogurt has spread in Japan, outside of commercial distribution channel, handed from one person to another, originally from this Japanese scholar who brought it from Georgia, Russia. This yogurt culture grows at room temperature; you add some milk and leave it for a few hours, and you make yogurt! Interesting. Anyone wants a sample of this yogurt to grow it yourself, I'm happy to share.

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on Thursday, October 21st, yagawa kengo said

I never knew how to make yogurt and your heating milk and letting it grow has frightened me off...can you let me have a sample of your easy and quick to make Caspian Yogurt...then I'll share with others too.

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