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September 2004

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09/23/2004: "Birthday"

"It's Mother's birthday!" Komuro san and Ikko san showed up with a big cake and a bottle (or two) of champaigne early evening. Since it was a slow night, I hang out and partied with them most of the night. At one point, Komuro san took a nap on top of a garbage bin next door, taking advantage of the beautiful fall evening. Later my friend David stopped by and we went for a late night bike ride to Seaport. We saw the reddest and biggest half moon hanging by the horizen. Everything looked so close in the clear night: Brooklyn, Verazono Narrows Bridge, Governer's Island. Reflecting the lights of bridges, quiet East River was covered with shiny glitters. I thought it would be nice to cross Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the night, but I had a little too much to drink.

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