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September 2004

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09/01/2004: "it looks like a bust to me"

Fortunately down here in the Lower East Side, we're not seeing the (bad) effect of the Republican Convention. According to The New York Times juries still out on whether this has been a boom or a bust. Akiyo, who works at a Japanese restaurant in midtown, said it's been a total bust this week. And her restaurant is not even across from the Garden, it's on 56th street. We wondered why they had to do it in New York, the city that seemingly everyone hates Bush. Why couldn't they do it in New Jersey, like in Meadowlands? Or Flint, Michigan, the city that could seriosly use economical boost, but not quite terrorists' interest? Over here on Suffolk Street we're business as usual. More people are coming back in town and I'm getting ready for a long weekend off.

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