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August 2004

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08/29/2004: ""

5:30 am: I woke up dreaming of donuts. I thought I understood what it may be like to be Homer Simpson. 7am in the Central Park: Manhattan half-marathon. 80 degrees and humid. Soon after the start, I'm already soaked in sweat. I took it easy and had actually a good race. They had ice cream bars at the finish, and I treated myself with two of them. It was the best part of the morning, of course.

Then I visited Museum of the City of New York. The show I wanted to see, 'Magnum's New Yorkers,' was fantastic. There was also an exhibit on the Lower East Side, which was disappointing.

On the way home I stopped at B&H, which is this super crazily efficient photo/video supply store on 34th street. I'm always fascinated how things work in this place. You enter the store, and check your bag. As you enter the floor, there's a man who greets you and directs you to the department you're looking for, since this store is pretty big. Each department is staffed with efficient sales people who'd help you find the stuff you need. There's check out counters where the sales guy takes your items, asks what else you need, then get them, gives you a ticket, and puts the merchandise into a small plastic crate, which will be sent via a eletric rail hanging from the ceiling. You go to the cashier, pay the bill, and heads to the pick up counter, where the stuff you bought has just arrived and bagged with your ticket number. You proceed to the exit, before which you can pick up your bag you checked on the other side of the bag check. And this store is run entirely by religious Orthodox Jews with long curly sideburns. This is like.. Alice in Wonderland to me.

I rode my bicycle down on 9th avenue and realized that I couldn't cross town til after 14th street. First because of convention site, then because of the massive UPJ protest. It seemed like every single person on the street except the cops was heading to the protest.

I came home just in time for the last hour of Olympic men's marathon, the final event. The Brazilian was leading, then 4 miles to the finish, he was attacked by a crazy Irish priest who wanted people to read bible. That confirms my theory that no one should read the bible.

I rested a little then went on a bike ride to Red Hook. The place was pretty desolate and beautiful. I took Brooklyn Bridge across, and was reminded that it is the most beautiful bridge to cross in New York.

The new Baskin Robbins on delancey opened, and I've been indulging myself with cappucino blast and double scoops of ice creams daily.

Some people think that I don't have a life since I work so much, but I had quite a day. I'm proud to say that I have a life. And it's a good one.

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