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08/29/2004: "Convention week"

Republican National Convention is almost here, or pretty much here, which means that there'll be lots more of protests and marches throughout the city. In fact, there's been a police check point by the Williamsburg Bridge for a few weeks now, mainly to stop and search 'suspicious' white trucks coming off the bridge. They seem to focus on white trucks, because that is terrorists' preferred vehicle. I loved the comment by Mayor Bloomberg on the naked protestors across the Madison Square Garden a few days ago: "This is New York. Of course we have ... naked people on Eighth Avenue!" Some people asked me today if I'm going to a protest tomorrow. No. Although I do dislike Bush like any other average New Yorker, I don't consider myself 'political.' Plus I'm only a 'resident alien' and don't have a vote. So I really don't get involved with the politics. I'll be running a half-marathon in the Central Park instead tomorrow morning. Besides, I don't want to get arrested. They say the protestors are randomly getting arrested. Those of you who are going, watch out.

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