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08/07/2004: "can't believe it's still early August"

Last night I went to Tonic and to see my friend play with a 'trumpet super-group'. My friend Susie was on drums, and boy, she plays. She plays with her drums. She dangs and bangs every side of her drums. She elbows on her drums. At one point she was like swimming around her drum set, and I remembered that she likes to go swimming. Earlier when she came to have dinner at SOY with Mark Dresser (bassist) and Bryan Carrott (vibraphonist), very cool nice talented people, by the way, Mark was telling me about his recent trip to Japan. He said in Japan they like to show fish on television. There'll be shows on fish every day. He talked about all kinds of funky Japanese TV shows and amazing food he had, and made me so jealous.

Rather chilly day for August- we didn't even have 70 degrees today, did we? I got up early and joined other crazy runners in the Central Park to do 20-mile group run. It was perfectly beautiful morning to do so. There were people camping out for Shakespeare tickets. Those stationary crowd seemed to be pretty indifferent to the crazy runners going round and round the park.

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