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August 2004

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08/05/2004: "tip thief"

My tip was stolen from the jar this afternoon. Obviously I didn't hear someone come in, stick his/her hand into the jar, and grab the money while I was working in the kichen a few feet away. Only thing that was left from my hard work was small change. Next time someone stick their hand too far into the jar I should have a surprise for him/her. A snake? Electric shock? A spider? And how about those no tippers, who sit at the table, where we go to take their order, then bring their plates one by one, and at the end by walking up to the cashier they suddenly turn this place into a 'cafeteria' leaving us no tip. What do I do about that? What's surprising is sometimes it's a return customer who do that. I thought this was America, the land of tipping.

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