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08/02/2004: "Reminiscing"

A news arrived from Japan over the weekend that my favorite theater company, Third Stage, is doing a play/musical with this Japanese punk rock band from 80s "Blue Hearts" later this year. Blue Hearts, with their simple but straight music and words, screamed out loud our young mind, and was the main background music for my high school years. So the past few days have been reminiscing time, digging up Blue Hearts tapes and playing the Cure all day since I couldn't get enough on Saturday.

A few days ago I just discovered that Kim's Video on Avenue A has lost their lease and they already packed everything. I'm worried about the whereabouts of my Kim's money. Then I realized Meow Mix, the chick bar, down the street is also gone. The neighborhood keeps changing- I hope for the better. But I was surprised how empty Orchard Street was last Sunday. There are so many vacant storefronts, it almost resembled early 90s before the boom. That was the time when my parents first visited me in the Lower East Side and thought I was really something for living down here. I think I should walk around the neighborhood and take some pictures. Maybe in 10, 20 years they would tell a story about 'good old neighborhood.'

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