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07/22/2004: "Modern malice"

Another attempt for a beach was ruined last Sunday due to the weather, and I accidentally installed 'adware' on my computer while browsing the web. Now I've been maliciously bombarded with pop up ads all week. People who are benefited from these modern malice is perhaps the computer geeks who'd charge you their service removing it. Same as daily virus I receive in emails. I used to believe that those people with graffiti removing service were the ones who put them there. This is how modern economy works.

I found a tiny looper on my flowers in the window last week. He was only about a half inch long, contently hanging around on the flower, and I figured he's pretty harmless, since he'd probably never leave his spot and have to go by the end of the week anyway together with the flower. He's getting fatter daily. I wish those pop up ads would have to go sometime also, but as long as there's the big flower of microsoft, they would perhaps hang around. Getting fatter and bigger. They keep creating 'cookies' which is not so yummy like my chocolate chip cookies. It's so unfortunate that internet became so evil; it's no longer the fun playground.

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