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July 2004

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07/17/2004: ""

Yesterday was Ikko san's birthday, so I made 'osekihan' or red bean rice per his wish from last week. In Japan we make this rice specially for celebration. "Thank you, mother! I'm already 46!" Ikko san and Komuro san each had two big bowls of rice.

I had a haircut this afternoon next door at Siren Hair Salon by Akiro san. It was my first visit there as a customer. The salon is simply but beautifully furnished by antiques and art works, and I sat on a big sturdy antique barbar's chair, which is over a hundred years old according to Akiro san. And I was very pleased with his masterful job; I must say that it was the best haircut I've had in a long time. Well, it pays to spend more than $20-haircut in Chinatown.

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