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July 2004

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07/16/2004: "coffee and cigarettes"

I've been meaning to write about this film for almost two weeks. More I think about it, it feels deeper. I mean, Tom Waits being a doctor! What a profound absurdity! And there's also so much truth as the Earth being a conductor of acoustical resonance. And everything is black and white. (Pay attention to details!) Then I was pleasantly surprised to see EJ Rodriguez whom I was hanging out with at Tonic for this New Year's. (He is a percussionist and was playing with Marc Ribot.) Jim Jarmusch has been my hero, since "Stranger Than Paradise," which was the number one reason to come to New York. He just made New York look so freakishly cool. Once I saw him walking down Delancey Street and I totally froze and couldn't say anything. That was only one real encounter with him unfortunately, although he lives here in the Lower East Side.

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