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July 2004

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07/01/2004: "For the world peace"

Some days I have so much to say and can't decide what I want to say or how I want to say it, so I won't write. Some days I feel uninspired. Some days I really don't feel like writing; it seems nothing substantial come to mind. However the day goes, it flies away in light-year speed. Did you realize that the half of year 2004 is already a past. But everyday every moment is a novel by itself and like I always say I wish I had time!

The New York Times > Story about Sri Chinmoy in the New York Times today. This spiritual leader who has a meditation center in Queens with a philosophy of celibacy, vegetarianism and meditation says he regularly lifts over 2000 pounds and sleeps 90 minutes a day. Has done more than 14 million "peace bird" drawings, has written 1,400 books, 80,000 poems and 18,000 songs, and done 200,000 paintings. Of course I'm skeptical although I claim running to be my religion. I wonder if I could accomplish more and become a better runner if I give up on sex and eating meat. Yes, I can perfectly picture it. If all the people give up on sex, become vegetarian, meditate, and participate in ultra-marathons, there'll be a world peace.

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