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06/27/2004: "Tarja from Finland"

My friend Tarja who lives in Helsinki showed up to surprise me Thursday night. If you meet her for the first time, she would introduce herself as "Tarja, from Finland." Usually when she comes to NY she is with a group of friendly young Finns, students at the art collage where she teaches. This time is her pleasure trip but she's still so busy and always calling in the last minute from a pay phone and she runs out of coins. She decided to just show up first this time and it was really nice. Friday after work I rode my bicycle to her friend, a crazy polish artist, Krzystof's studio in Greenpoint and hang out with a bunch of crazy artists. I passed by a billiard bar called 'La Cue' which I thought was the cutest name for a pool bar. The warehouse they are converting to individual studio space was really cool. They had a party that started earlier in the evening, and it was nicely winding down when I got there. Another crazy polish artist was almost passing out. Krzystof's girlfriend Cynthia projected beautiful slides on a make-shift sheet screen hang from beams above, with relaxing sound of live acoustic guitar. Improvisationally the image and music played off each other in sync. It was such a beautiful moment sitting around and having beer with interesting and crazy people surrounded by art they created; it was a moment that reminded me why I love being in NYC so much. Later Cynthia complimented me that I am brave to putting personal 'journal' on the web. But I think art is often personal. This has been my personal expression. Although of course there's lots of things that's left out because my parents read this blog regularly.

Saturday, we had some slow moments so I put on KC & The Sunshine Band and George Clinton really loud and Guida and I practiced our funk moves at "funk night at club SOY." And of course a customer walks in at one point but we didn't stop dancing. He laughed at us but he couldn't help himself but to shake his booty himself. Guida finished her temp work at SOY tonight. I'm really going to miss working with her. We're thinking of taking a road trip to New Hampshire next weekend.

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