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June 2004

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06/19/2004: "My friends are crazy"

My crazy saxophone player friend Pablo from LA showed up Thurday afternoon. As soon as he walked in the door, he started telling me about his close encounter with a little water snake swimming in a river in Woodstock by his sister's house on the previous day. "It was like this!" He brings his hand up 3 inches from his nose. "I just went, AAAAAhhhh and got out of the river. The snake quickly swam away to the other direction. I think he was surprised himself. But it was like this!" He rubs the back of his hand up the side of my arms. He's such a character. He just cracks me up. He wants to change his name to 'Moo' when he turns 50. Moo like a cow? No. 'Mu' like the lost continent. I told him that 'mu' in Japanese means 'nothing.' He stared at me for a moment and said, that's so beautiful. It totally makes sense. Later I went to see his show at Tonic. One of the tune was titled, 'Snake in the River.' After the show, all his friends were asking him, that was about he snake you encountered yesterday? He said, I didn't have a name for it, so I called it Snake in the River. Obviously that's been his topic of the day. There were two beautiful girls, black and hispanic, friends of the percussionist, who stole the floor with their sexy dance moves. Later Pablo was engaged in a conversation with the black girl over 'lonelyness.' I listened to Spanish girl talk about her problem with her husband. I said, well, there's people who wants to stay in their comfortable space, and they want you to be with them, in their little world. They don't want you to grow. They drag you down. She stared at me for a second and said, oh my god. That's exactly it. I said to myself, my goodness, did I just break a marriage? But she sounded like she just wants to get out of it. She only needed little more assurance. Afterwards for some reason she started pinching my butt saying that I have a cute ass. I had a feeling that we may become friends. It was a long day, but quite worth it.

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