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June 2004

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Home » Archives » June 2004 » I wish I had enough money to go hear the crickets

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06/17/2004: "I wish I had enough money to go hear the crickets"

My friend Jose stopped by this afternoon. He looked pretty tired sleeping on the couch in the office, working late nights. We both ramented the fact that we are so caught up in 'work' and not being able to push our 'projects' forward. He wished he had money and don't have to work. Some room to be able to take a few days off would be nice. If I could go away to relax once in a while would be sufficiant. But I think too much money would really scare me. I certainly do not wish to be Paris Hilton, nor want to be around such people. Even the people who hover around Schillers scare me. I was reading the review of
Megu in the NY Times this afternoon. As much as it makes me curious, I probably would only dine there if someone else is paying. Well, I wouldn't reject an invitation, I'm saying. I would truly love to admire the ice Buddha and enjoy the sound of crickets. In the meantime, Jose and I made a plan to vacation on the shores of Rockaways around the 4th of July.

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