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June 2004

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06/16/2004: "My family"

My mother just called me and asked me how I knew the tiny Indian in my dream was her. Maybe I was Indian myself. I just knew that this tiny Indian on my shoulder was my mother. My father wanted to know the validity of the sport of 'chicken fishing' I mentioned before. I told him yes, it's up and coming popular sport in America that I'm getting hooked to. Dunkin Donuts is coming to around the corner, at the former site of Bate Records on Delancey Street. What else can we wish to have on our Delancey strip mall?

My Japanese 'boys' Komuro san and Ikko san walked in this evening, "I'm home!" Kazu and Koji also joined and my odd family feasted over beer and loudly praised my food as usual. "Mother's food is always the best!"

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