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June 2004

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06/13/2004: "Bachelorette Sunday"

Beautiful weekend. Yeserday I ran Mini 10K in Central Park. It was exciting to be right behind American top runners at the start line. Joan Benoit Samuelson, who won the gold medal at the inaugural Olympic Marathon for women, in Los Angeles in 1984, had bib number 1. She recieved loud applause when introduced before the race. Such a petite woman! I had a good race, feeling strong to the finish.

In the afternoon 'the tile man' Kazu came to finish the floor tiling project. It's all done nice and clean, and ready for the bachelorette party later today.

In the evening we had a surprise sushi-making bachelorette party at SOY with seven Russian girls from Brooklyn. One of the girls called the bride, saying that she was stuck at this restaurant in the Lower East Side with her baby. Please come pick them up. The bride thought it was suspicious, but she decided to drive over. Her friend got no money to come home. So the bride showed up at the door with a roll of Bounty in her hand. (I didn't get the deal about the roll of Bounty, but I guess she was asked to bring it to clean up the baby or something.) Then the other girls hopped up from behind the counter. Surprise! And guess what? We are making sushi today. She was so excited. "Oh, cool!" So I taught these hungry women the must-have skill for moden women to keep their men satisfied: how to make sushi. We had a fun little evening.

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