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06/11/2004: "Annoyance" - General Ways to Annoy People has many tips on how to annoy people. Generally my customers are nice people, but I also get annoying ones, which is a fate of any business. Today's annoying customer asked for peppers before she tasted her miso soup. As soon as it leaves my hand, the food can be destroyed anyway you wish, but to have it thrown at my face like that is always shocking. For your information, we don't put pepper in miso soup! Asking for hot sauce before tasting anything is also major annoyance. This is not a thai or vietnamese restaurant. We also don't have duck sauce. Other acts of food destruction include: burying rice or any dish with soy sauce or bull-dog sauce. If I'm in a good mood I may answer your annoying question, but other times if you ask me what's in veggie gyoza, I will simply say 'lots of things.' The most annoying incident was when this one customer refused to eat ginger tofu, one of the most popular soy dish, saying that the tofu wasn't exactly like the kind she was thinking about. Sorry, but I'm not a psychic and my job is not to read your mind and prepare the dish you are imagining. Equally annoying was when this woman picked through Niku Jaga and refused to eat it since the meat had some fat on it. People! The world is not as perfect as you dream it to be! Wake up!

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