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June 2004

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06/02/2004: "grandma gets a tip"

So my neighbor Margit sends me a tip for 'the grandma of Suffolk' (that what she calls me, damn it! Some of you who's been reading this long enough know why smile that a new posh club (don't really know for sure since I haven't checked out, but it looks kind of posh from outside) opened up on Delancey, at the foot of our beautiful Williamsburg Bridge, and it's called, surprisingly, The Delancey! It was a surprise since I thought they started fixing up the place just last week. It's on my daily running route, so I was aware of the developement. But last weekend it was open already. Overnight.

Did you read the NY Times article about NY water not being kosher? A while ago I received this lengthy message on my machine from a man in Brooklyn who wants to know if SOY is kosher. He really likes to come try the food, but it has to be kosher. He went on that his friends would also like to know if SOY is kosher, and left two more names and phone numbers so I can call them and tell them if SOY is kosher. I thought this was a trap set by a kosher police, and didn't call them back. I still wonder if the caller was serious. Kosher people take it very seriously, as you can see.

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