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June 2004

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06/01/2004: "we're back!"

This morning, there was a message on my voice mail. A few seconds of silence, then music started. Clearly, I heard a man sang "It's not easy to be me..." That was the end of the message. Right on!

The plan for this holiday weekend was to lay a new tile floor in the restaurant. I got all the supplies and tools necessary but.. the tiles. When the delivery truck came on Saturday afternoon, they brought me wrong tiles. SOY could not have a black & white checkered floor! When the truck went back to the store, they called me and said they don't have the ones I wanted. So suddenly I had three day vacation, which I enjoyed modestly. And I was proud not to write in the blog. Slept a lot. Some socializing and more domestic chores. Running vigorously around west side and cheered on the triathletes swimming in Hudson River. People think running a marathon is crazy, but I think a triathlon is definitely crazier. Especially these that include swimming in Hudson River. There was a triathlon race last year that was cancelled because they determined that the bacteria level was too high in the River and it was unswimmable. Thank god that they check those things.

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