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05/27/2004: "bicycle thief"

It seemed like another beautiful day until I came downstairs and found - or did not find - my delivery bike. It was one of those rare night that I didn't put the bicycle inside the store. I was in a hurry, since I was supposed to meet with a friend, and it was raining. When I realized I didn't take the bike inside, I said, well, it should be ok. I just left it chained right outside. Some people laugh at me when I lock the beat up bike; "who's going to steal it?" But they do. Here's the proof. Even if you bike cost only $30 (which is unlikely anyway), you have to invest in $100 Kryptonite lock to leave it outside. When am I going to learn after 15 years in NYC? In two and a half years, I've had stolen 3 bikes, 2 wheels, and 1 seat. Sometimes during early evening business hour, right in front of the store. And still, it's a big shock everytime it happens. I stood there in total shock. I lost my legs. I couldn't go shopping for food supplies. It was devastating to walk to the bank. This is just great. Another project for my holiday weekend. Find a new bicycle. It's actually not so easy to find a really beat up cheap bike. If one of those bicycle thief show up at the door today trying to sell a bike, I may have to grab it, unfortunately.

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on Thursday, June 3rd, Margit said

Ok a tip Etsuko. This one from my dastardly-but-dear ex-boyfriend. He taught me how to use police-grade handcuffs along with a kryptonite lock to lock my bike. I've never had a problem. People think you're a cop.

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