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05/27/2004: "Almost Japan"

Able to Rideout: Bret, frequenter at SOY, has been travelling around the globe. He just emailed me since he's heading to Japan sometime soon. He wants to know what kind of fun things I can suggest he'd do there. I haven't been home for three years, so I don't know exactly what is going on there. But the first thing that came across my mind was: Parasite museum. I've never been there. But I've read about the place somewhere, and I've been curious. It sounds pretty gross, but supposedly it's pretty educational. You can see all kinds of gigantic longish parasites and learn all about them! Last time I was home, I accompanied my friend who was studying to be a nurse to see Cancer exhibit, which was very very popular. Especially the model of female boobs which you can squeeze and check for tumor had a long curious patient line of mostly men. (So they can aquire the skill of checking female breast, which is very important, of course.) I didn't have an urge to squeeze the boobs, so I skipped this one. The exhibit was fairly gross, and I even paid for it. At least this parasite museum is free. I'll write more about what kind of fun things I've done in my last two visits tomorrow.

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