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May 2004

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05/25/2004: "It's a bomb!"

My 'smokin' photo from last week's half-marathon has arrived. The lioness is making the last spurt to the finish line.

Unknown little package also arrived this afternoon. Since I wasn't expecting any package, I was little thrilled at first. Maybe it's something nice from a secret fan! But the label was typed. And there was no sender's address. I stared at this little box. Could it be a bomb? But who wants to blow up SOY? McDonalds? (I wanted to come up with something more clever.. but hey, it's one o'clock in the morning and my mind is fogged up with greasy fume from the hard day's work.) Anyway, I assumed it's probably safe to open it, because I don't think anyone would possibly blow up SOY. Inside was.. just papers. It was from Citysearch; little cards for me to promote them, urging my customers to go vote for us. On the back of the cards says, Soy, best vegetarian. We're not a strictly vegetarian restaurant, but having lots of great vegetarian selection qualifies to be one, I suppose. If anyone could nominate SOY for best sushi as a joke, it would be great.

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