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05/20/2004: "Inspection!"

The inspector showed up from the Health department yesterday. I was on my best behavior (like always) and followed the inspector flashing his flash light into the every corner in the restaurant. He found some dust in the hard to reach area behind the stove. He pointed out a couple more seemingly minor items. He sat down, started writing his report. At the end, he told me I got 15 points. What does that mean? I don't even know. They got this new rating system and I have no idea what my verdict is. He couldn't even tell me. I got a hearing date and he said then they'll tell me if I have a violation. Mmm.. But it didn't seem so bad. At least the new system seem to make it impossible to bribe the inspector.

There was a cancellation and two more spots are available for this saturday's sushi class. If anyone's interested, please call us - quick!

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