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05/14/2004: "Vote!"

We're nominated in vegetarian restaurant category for the best of Citysearch 2004. Go vote! Or you can nominate us under different categories like "Steak." Now, when visited the site, I noticed a unusually negative review by a user, which contains lots of false information, perhaps on purpose. "Chicken curry is a staple of Japanese "home cooking." .. Not true. My family never ever made chicken curry. " - almost everything at Soy is pan fried." ????? "The salads are oily and there is nothing vaguely Japanese - or tasty - about the pickes." Which salads? And what is "pickes" anyway?? If you doubt the authenticity of my home cooking, ask at the Japanese hair salon next door. They come almost every day. I don't understand how some people mean so much menace. "One review described the food as "healthy;" Soy's is possibly the least healthy Japanese food you could find anywhere." I eat here every day and haven't even caught a cold once in years. I don't think our wonderful NYC tap water is the only contributing factor. My wall is adorned by the pictures of many people who believe in my food. I will not be discouraged.

While outraged, I totally forgot something else I wanted to write about..

According to my mother, the little kitties that arrived from Japan (picture yesterday) are made by this lady who's almost 100 years old. Go grandma!

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on Sunday, May 16th, jarmish said

When you know in your heart that something is good,no matter what anyone says,it will not discourage you from moving forward

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