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05/13/2004: "It's Margit again!"

Seeing sudden increase in site traffic, I inquired our intelligence team at SOY what has happened. Then I found out that my neighbor Margit tipped off Lockhart | Web Presence about this blog. Now I'm going to be paranoid again facing my customers, wondering if they read my blog, like when I started the blog I kept wondering who knows about my hemorrhoids. Not that I write all the private details of my life.. much. But what do you mean the site might be even better than my food? You can't eat this blog, or can you? I guess it's like saying, "love doesn't pay the rent."

Since I'm an edurance runner who eats about 3000 calories a day and carb-loads regularly, I often laugh at the new low-carb trend. Do you want to lose weight? Do vigorous exercise like me! But if you like to stick to your diet, here's a delicious alternative: our new arrival, tofu noodles! The fettucine-like noodle is made of tofu and konnyaku root. It's low calories and low carb. It's great both in hot or cold broth. Try!

Replies: 3 Comments

on Friday, May 14th, tofu johnny said

I will never ever ask you about your hemmoroids!

on Friday, May 14th, B said

I linked to your site through LockhartSteele all the way from Madrid! Your site is good, but nothing could possibly compare to those noodles you described! No, you can't eat a blog - but what a brilliant idea. Keep working on it. Until then, do you do mail orders?

on Thursday, May 20th, Elke said

Tried your food on Tuesday for the first time and LOVED it. Found your blog a few days earlier and love to read that too.
Will come back to both - frequently...

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