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April 2004

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04/25/2004: "finally naturally"

I finally went to have a haircut in Chinatown. First they give you this really painful sculp cratch while washing your hair. I hate it but let them do it; it must be good for something. Then my hair dresser was this grey haired man about 60 years of age, who graciously cut my hair with Tai Chi like movement. "Now the style has changed. It's all about your natural hair now. Natural flow. Hair style that you can wash and dry, but do nothing." He said. Only about 10 minutes later, he rinsed my hair and said, "watch what I do." He blow dried my hair just with his hand, sending all the hair towards my face. "Now watch what I do with the brush." At the end with a regular brush, he brushed my hair toward the back of my head. Once. "Done." It was naturally beautiful. I must say this was the best hair cut I've had in a long time. All in about 20 minutes. Amazing.

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