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04/19/2004: "summer is here"

I had another sushi class on saturday. This was actually the first class I held where I didn't know anyone among the students. So I was a little nervous. But by the time we sat down and battled with the bamboo rolling mat, we were on the same team. We rolled and ate. We rolled more and ate. Bob couldn't quite get the rolls right, so he kept rolling without eating. There was a mound of disfigured rolls in front of him at the end of the class.

Saturday night, girls' night out with Guida. My customer Adam was doing his beatbox thing at the coffee shop on Rivington. We went to Nublu and observed an artist who sat at the end of the bar drawing. Then we noticed a woman with long dark hair on the other end of the bar, resting her chin on her hand, staring at this way. He started drawing her. She stayed perfectly still while he draw. Everyone else was shoving each other and dancing to the beats.

Long run on sunday morning. The trapeze school is open again on the west side. It looks like fun, but having no upper body strength, I would never able to do that. Mashing big bowl full of potatoes is quite a work out for me. I came across thousands of people doing MS Walk downtown. There was a woman doing the walk while smoking a cigarette. Well, this wasn't an event for cancer research but it seemed rather inappropriate behavior. There was a man with a big lizard on his shoulder underneath Brooklyn bridge. I saw him last summer with a couple of homeless men petting the lizard. The lizard meowed like a cat.

Sunday afternoon. I thought no one was doing the laundry but me on beautiful sunday. As I was walking out of the building, my downstairs neighbor Andrew warned me; "don't go there now. I had to go back so many times. Every machine is full." I waited for half an hour, but the laundromat was still very busy.

It's muggy summer weather out and my building still has the heat on.

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