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April 2004

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04/14/2004: "Namazzi loves Nameshi"

My youngest fan Namazzi celebrated his 5th birthday at SOY. When his mom asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner, his answer was of course 'nameshi!' (which interestingly rhymes with his name.) He charmed everyone who walked in with his sweetest smile. Guida was completely taken by him as soon as she walked in. She played a temporary babysitter for half an hour. I got the cutest picture of him as a new addition on my wall.

My neighbor Elliot's dog Winston stops by daily on his night walk around the block, which happens to be around 11pm, my closing time. I don't remember how it started, but Winston has to stop at my door for a possible treat of a croquette. He has to. He doesn't understand that if he stops by iin the morning or afternoon he will not get any. He doesn't understand that sometimes there's no croquette left to give away. He doesn't understand. He has to stop at my door and wag his tail, look at me with his big shiny eyes. Keeps wagging his tail. He did get his treat tonight, but he had to share it with his little dachshund friend. They went off around the block and on his way back Winston had to stop at my door as I was locking up. He didn't understand that I didn't have a croquette to give him. He looked at me and kept wagging his tail.

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