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April 2004

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04/09/2004: "mommy's food"

The Japanese hair salon next door started moving in. That means the end of a job for the contractors. I'm going to miss them! who lunched at SOY daily. The Japanese electricians discovered red bean tofu pudding this afternoon. One of the guy had 3 and a half pudding, after lunch and for late afternoon snack. They address me as 'okah-san.' A female owner of a bar is called 'mama-san,' but I have a restaurant, and for my homey food, they decided to call me 'okah-san' or mother. Suddenly I felt kind of old, being called a mother by middle-aged Japanese men. But they so love my food! I thought this is what may feel like to have little boys loving mommy's food. It was fun to have them around.

It's been a hectic week. Interviewing. New Mexican never showed up. I had to call Alex who was dying to come back to work for me. Tomorrow is Akiyo's last day. More interviewing. Phone calls. For a job, a class, and orders. I hate telemarketers. They're never ever polite enough ask if this is a good time for a sales pitch. They don't realize that the person on the other end of the line may be in the middle of frying some tofu.

I caught a part of Condoleezza Rice's testimony on TV this morning. I didn't like her hair-do. It looked unnatural. And her forehead was huge. I very much disliked the way she spoke. This woman is really smart, and she will not say anything to screw herself, or the President. It was such a politician talk. Confident, manipulative, careful. And I was truly disgusted by the way she smiled as she spoke. How could you smile when you talk about how you totally ignored, failed to notice any sign of the terror attack when so much information was there? She was smiley. It made her look so fake, unreal. That's what I thought. Heartless.

As I was closing up, I had a great idea for my Japanese home cooking cookbook. I want to have it illustrated by my mother. She's an excellent illustrator. She can draw cartoons. She also does excellent watercolors. There's one of her work on the wall at SOY. Watercolor painting of vegetables.

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