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April 2004

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04/04/2004: "In the sky"

I saw almost full moon, Jupiter, and Regulus lined up in the sky as I closed up the shop tonight at midnight. Someone busted the door to my building. This afternoon was another cooking class - soy cooking for clueless. Micheal, Trish, Keri, and Micheal's friend Jenny who flew in from England for the class. Soy going global! We had another fun class, starting from cutting up some tofu with plastic knives to battling with nasty natto. My cashier girl Akiyo came in for my rescue tonight. She was busy with deliveries. I think I'm going to sleep in really late today since we are losing one hour. Things are all right. I just tried to figure out where exactly in her body my cat purrs. She purrs so softly I couldn't figure out.

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