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04/02/2004: "shit happens"

Well, some shit happened to my friend Micheal. This email came the night before the April fool's, so I don't think it's a joke.

"I sort of lost track of time this past week as my aunt passed away and my cousins were in town.. but that is only part of the reason for my late response as this is what happened...

Several days ago I had an accident and spilled a bottle of Pepsi (diet) onto my keyboard while trying to get the top off a pen that used to be my favorite. The cap to the pen was stuck and when I jerked it off I knocked the bottle over onto the keyboard.. Then it turned out the pen had leaked so at the same time Pepsi was spilling into my keyboard and files I had ink all over my hands... So I ended up ruining the shirt I had on.. the keyboard seemed fine but then it started acting up and would substitute the letter 'f' for a 'd' - so I accidentally emailed a client telling him to fuck off when I meant to write duck...

So I took the keyboard into the bathroom to see if I might dry it out with the blower. I had my hands full with the blower and keyboard. My sneaker was on the sink because I was scrubbing some ink off that had dripped onto it earlier from the pen incident and as I was fumbling with the keyboard trying to prevent the cord from going into the toilet I knocked my sneaker in. So I put the dryer into the sneaker to dry that out too but that blew the fuse which in turn burnt out my halogen torch lamp which several days later as I tilted it to look at the damage tipped over a glass on the coffee table which rolled off and broke on which I cut my finger and have not done much typing since.."

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