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04/02/2004: "April Fool's"

Downtown Manhattan was in grey fog again. I encountered Chinese sword dancers under the bridge on my run again. It seemed to be a mellow day, until about 5 o'clock, my helper Carlos, who was cranky all day decided to quit. He said, "I'm going home. It's too much work for me." And he went. I was in total shock. I have to take back everything I said good about Carlos. I felt so deceived. Micheal came by and I cried on his shoulder. "But he seemed to be content!" Everyone who met him was surprised as well. He was singing and dancing yesterday. It made me want to quit for about ten minutes, then I had to resume my work. People need my curry! People need my niku jaga! This is just a bad joke on April fool's. I just felt so angry trusting and believing his words, that he's happy to be working, he wants to learn, I'm a good boss and he wants to keep this job. Was it all b.s.? My friend Miles once told me, "Good things will happen to good people." I'd really like to believe that. This is just another small crisis. I'm grateful to my good customers and friends who are patient when things get crazy around here. My sweet kitty Coco taps on my shoulder like nothing has changed as I write this. Tomorrow is another day. Thus the end of another episode of a reality show at SOY.

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