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March 2004

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03/27/2004: "suspicious delivery man"

Last night while on delivery, Carlos became a subject of racial profiling. "Hey, stop right there. You look suspicious." He was stopped by three big plain clothed police men as he hopped on the bicycle going from one delivery to another. They said he looked suspicious, and opened the insulated delivery bag and searched. With well-trimmed beard and cigarette in his mouth, I know he isn't a typical little mexican guy. Carlos was very upset. "I've never been in trouble with a police!" Even with a dirty apron and a delivery bag, they still suspected he could be a drug dealer because he's a Puerto Rican male. They wouldn't stop a little Mexican or Chinese. I want to file a complaint with the police.

Early evening was like 'early bird special.' SOY was filled with old people having pre-theater dinner. Seems like they have an 'old people's show' across the street this evening.

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on Monday, March 29th, Soybeammmmmmm said

shocked I was upset to learn of what happenned to carlos.... It is unbelievable... I thought things like that only happenned in New Hampshire... I guess I better trim my hair, cut my nails and walk with a bunch of white people around me or I am next!They will lock me up for prostitution for wearing mini skirts, having a big ass and smiling....
I better stop now.

on Tuesday, March 30th, etsko said

that's right, girl. don't show off your big ass. you'll be in trouble.

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