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March 2004

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03/18/2004: "new perspective"

Global Rich List makes you feel richer than you think you are. Well, it gave me a new perspective on my 'wealth,' however, it's depressing to imagine that there's so much poverty out there. There was a passage in John Irving I'm currently reading that half the population in Bombay sleep on the street. But again, we can't just judge by numbers. Values are relative in time and space. So is outlook on life. Do I want to move to a place where I could be stinking rich surrounded by misery? More money would be nice, but I treasure 'priceless' qualities of my life Mastercard would love to put in their TV commercial.

It was supposed to be my big day, but it wasn't at all. My battle with hemorrhoids officially ended today with the doctor saying, "It looks good! It's pretty much gone. You don't have to come back." "That's it??" "That's it!" So I paid him $50 to tell me just that. I thought he was going to chop it off. "Well, it's like a piece of skin. I could take it out, but it really isn't necessary. It's better for you this way too." I guess. My medical trauma again turned out to be nothing. I lived happily ever after. My friend Michael came by this evening to find out what kind of painful procedure I had to go through. He also seemed to be disappointed with this anticlimactic ending. We concluded that we don't need doctors.

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