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March 2004

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03/14/2004: "Afternoon in the penny park"

My crazy friend Bryan took me to a tour of the "penny park" (Battery Park City : Tom Otterness) this chilly gray afternoon. It's at the end of Chambers Street in the Battery Park City: a wonderland-like-yet-cynical-and-whimsical representation of the world we live in. He showed me through the sculptures with his social and philosophycal commentary. "Notice this penny person has a revolutionary hat." "This penny person is a middle management. He's got a tie." "This is a 'corporation.'" "This is what I call a representation of all thoughts, but it is also based on 'pennies.'" "And I still haven't found a penny with a head up." Totally fascinating little park, which I run by all the time in the last 5 years, but never took a close look at it. It was such a nice pleasure to finally find it.

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